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This kit ties for first place in the Cyber Model Competition for August of 2003: Best M.S. from A.U.

Kit: Well...I know that most people just hate AU mechs, but I must admit, this is one of my favorite designs, and probably the only AU design that I love. A friend of mine had gotten this for me about a year and a half ago, and I usually don't like to let kits collect dust, so I brought this out, and also for the sake of entering the CMC for August.

Painting: Finally got around to painting a fractal camo scheme. A little late though, because almost everyone has done one so far, but whatever. The light blue parts were a custom mix of MM enamels Lightgrau and Cobalt Blue. The gray fractal parts are Lightgrau straight from the bottle. The dark blue parts are True Blue straight from the bottle, and the lighter blue fractal parts are True Blue mixed with a lot of White, and a bit of Red to tint it purplish a bit. The yellow is just White and Yellow mixed, and the grey is just a medium gray with White and Black. So, all of this was a pretty simple color mixture, other than the light blue. Lastly, you may notice some of the panel lines are blue. (You might be able to tell that I've been using a lot of blue lately =). ) Thats just Cobalt Blue mixed with a bit of white.

No decals here, I thought it might take away from the fractalness... (w3rd). Well, not much to say about this, but I think it came out pretty good.

Completed Images
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