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Painting: Painting the kit was kind of difficult, one thing that made it hard was the result of bad paint. And mistake upon mistake. Basically, all the black parts I painted with Tamiya Acrylic black, which does nicely. I also gave a metallic coat, which I will explain in the Details part. The "white" looking parts are where the mistakes began. I first started out wanting to use a very light grey. But with bad mixing of color it somehow came out green. So, the end result, I used a vanilla like color: white(10) black(1) red(1) yellow(1). For those of you who don't understand, that would be 10 drops of white, 1 drop of black, etc. But that is only in ratio, I used more paint than considered in "dropd". And for the last color, which are the little yellow details: yellow(5) red(1) grey(1). Now, I can't say those measures are exact, but I'm pretty sure thats it. Method of paint is, as usual, the airbrush.


Details: I did some drybrushing on the light parts. I used charcoal black for that. To all the black parts, what I did was scratch off edges with the razor and I airbrushed on a metallic coat, instead of drybrushin with silver or something. I also painted the scythe handle and blades of the shield silver. Panel lines are enamel, testors. But there aren't that many of them.

Modifications: Lot of modification made to this kit(s). When I say kits I mean more than one, obviously. This was basically a test kit for me, which turned out pretty good. Someone got me a cheap gundam, but that's okay. My shelf was also full, so I took off the Deathscythe Custom EW ver. So I decided to play around and make a hybrid gundam. So, the base kit is a very old 1/144 Deathscythe Hell Custom. The parts I used were the lap armor (for lack of use of a better term) and arm and forearm, the shield, the scythe. I also used the backpack but cut off the two sides. And instead of one giant booster, I used two little ones, as seen in image 2. I also used the legs as a base. I cut off the top hald of the legs and made the top half of epoxy. And you can see this in all of the pictures. As for all the other parts from this kit, I slightly modified. The parts I took from the EW version was the shoulder gaurds, side gaurds, and head. These werent modified at all, just painted differently. Lastly, I used the chest and torso of Wing Gundam Custom EW. I took off the gun turrets, cut off the little vents, filled the orb area, and made a lot of other modifications. Basically, that is the kit.

Name: Well, it was hard to think of a name. Just like my ZetaCloud, I couldn't just make a whole new name because it still is a deathscythe, so I just gave it a custom name: Taishu Satsujin Custom. Which means mass murder/slaughter in Japanese. =)