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Kit: B-Club Recast 1/144 Full Armor Mk. II. It's a decent kit, but since it was a recast, it wasn't perfect. A couple of the pieces were distorted, but easily fixed. There was one thing though, that PISSED ME OFF! THE JOINTS! you see, the joints that it came with, were ALL molded bad. ALL OF THEM! ALL! I'm guessing that when they casted the resin, the mold halves werent exactly ligned up, therefore, causing all the join pieces to be a bit off. It took me some time, but all was fixed. =)

Painting: Well, I got a little frustrated, because it kept chipping, and i had to repaint several parts, but thats ok. I also finally got around to getting a bottle of Future floor wax (thanks to CoM for recommendations), and that was the gloss finish. I know, some parts of the finish are not smooth, but I'm too lazy to fix it all. I also tried a little preshading, but I'm still getting used to the brush, it's only my second kit since I got the new brush.

Well, that's it, enjoy for now. I know I could've done better, but I PROMISE! next kit WILL be better! BTW, the pics i took really quick, so I didn't adjust the contrast.

Completed Images