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Color scheme: It's just a slightly modified ver of the GP03. Look at my construction page for the concept artwork. The blue is a deep blue, added a little red, and a little black. The tan looking colors is white, added a good amount of yellow, and a little red, and then a little brown. The RGB value is (240, 200, 160).

Painting: Well, now that I finally got a nice new brush (Paasche VL), I can produce some decent work! At least, in theory. Tell you the truth, I didn't even practice with the brush. I just busted it out and painted. And actually, it wasn't too bad. I got a decent preshading. All done with Tamiya acrylics. Then it was overcoated with Tamiya Gloss Coat, and panels were done with Tamiya Black. As for the weathering, I used EXTREMELY thinned tamiya acrylic paint as well. I used black with a little white for all the grey parts, and brown with red for the "rusty" looking areas. This is my first time trying to weather, so forgive my cuz it kinda looks like crap. But I'm somewhat satisfied with it. As for me printing decals, that has been postponed, for I'm still experimenting with my ALPS since its been such a long time since I've used it.

Constructions page UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Completed Images