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Painting: Ok, so after taking some recommendations from the members at CoM, I decided to handpaint most of the kit. Most of the white was airbrushed, and that was my first layer of color. Then the red and black parts on the legs are all hand painted Other than that, I'm still working on touching them up. I would be done w/ the kit by now, but my airbrush went out of commission, and so I'll have to replace it. So, I can't finish the shield, because I'm brushing that. And I planned to airbrush the finishing coat to cover up my brush strokes, so that's why it's not done. Hopefully, I'll have it done soon though.

Modifications: Love this kit. Fell in love at first site...the design I mean. Well, being my first "non-snap" kit, it wasn't too difficult. Not much done to it, I just added diff. joints in the arms. I also fixed up the legs a little. Enjoy. BTW, pics below are mainly of my workstation. Pretty clean huh?