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Model Kit Distributor Links
  This is my favorite place to buy regular kits. They have a nice stock of garage kits, quite expensive, but thats how grage kits are. They are in Japan, so I would order a lot at a time, shipping can get expensive.
Obviously this place sells garage kits. They sell some original, but mostly recasts. It's all cold cast and really nice quality. I recommend this place for resin kits. It's all about the $$$$$!
iLinkHobby. It's a new place, but it's decent. Never ordered from them, but they asked if they could add me as a link if I added them.
Modellers Links
Models4U is an awesome sight. Though there aren't that many kits up, they are all awesome. This truly brings out the not about quantity but quality saying. Has awesome photos w/ construction so you can see what mods were made. Also awesome webdesign.
Heavy Armour Studio is also a really good site. It is more focused on figures over mecha. The figures are awesome, and what mecha are there are also spectacular.
Church of the Machine, hands down one of the best. Mostly 1/144 kits, but they ALL are unbelievable. Absolutely marvelous. Also has a basic FAQ and a BBS so people can ask questions.
CoM is my second home. I pay more attention to that site then I do to mine. It's one of those rare sites i chack everyday. The forum is great, unlike GShop, it's very quality. I recommend all to give it a visit.
Will from CoM owns this site. He has about a dozen or so finished kits, and they are all ver quality. I recommend all to spend a few minutes and chek this place out!
Misc. Links
GameSpot is the greatest gaming site EVER! I check it everyday, and it gives me all the info I need about current games, past games and upcoming. Great place to scope out games, has thousands of screenshots, and hundreds of movies.
This is my cousin's website. A lot of stuff on it, hosts a forum. I really don't know what the page is really about nowadays.
FanimeCon 2003. It's a general anime convention. It's awesome, check it out. Read the info and forums to see what it's all about.
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