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Kit: MG Rgz. Definitely a nice kit, on top of that, one of my favorite MS designs. Also very fond of the original color scheme, but I decided to go with my own. Not much to say about the kit itself, just like most MG's, its excellent!

Painting: So, it started out well...and then I put on me clear coat (first time mixing Future and Tamiya CLEAR) and I got a white haze and white spots everywhere. I got really frustrated and put the kit away for about 2 weeks, then I brought it back out for repainting. I used Model Master enamels, and its my first time using them. I really like MM enamels, not sure why, but I do. Anyhow, the gray is called Light Gray which I mixed in little blue, just to tint it a bit. The blue is True Blue mixed with white. I can't remember my ratios as I just gradually added in color until I liked it. Some of my painting and panel lines were a bit sloppy, mainly because of laziness and I rushed it a bit.

This is also my first time printing my custom decals. I was digging around in my garage and I stumbled upon and Alps MD-1000, which I never knew I had. So I held off printing decals until now, so I finally printed them, and they turned out okay. But even after coating it, a bit of scratching and the decals will come you can see, the decals on the back of the shoulders scratched a bit while I was transforming into the BWS mode.

Completed Images
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