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Painting: Ok, so I just finished painting, and am somewhat satisfied. I did the Max technique, but didn't do the full layers. I did 3 layers. It was coming out great, but on my last layer of white, I ran out of thinner! As you can see, the last layer is very speckled. But oh well, not much that I can do now. It turned out decent in the end, so I'm happy.


Details: Panel lines, as usual was done with a wash, using testors enamel, since I ran out acrylic thinner. Other than that, not many other details.

Modifications: This actually turned out to be a bigger project than I had planned. Anyways I made a couple modifications.

1. Torso: I actually first decided to just lengthen the torso a bit so the MS wouldn't look so wide. But what ended happening is I lengthened the upper half and the lower half somehow was warped so I ended up building it from plastic sheet and filled with putty epoxy. Completed

2. Chest: Finished the cockpit. Basically it's done. I will probably touch it up a little after priming to see if it looks right. Completed

3. Waist: I connected the front panel with the side and back. Reason for this was that I was doing a little research, and I saw it looked like that in the original design. Completed

4. Legs: I made the lower leg fatter, as in depth. I lengthened the upper part of the leg by inserting plastic sheet. Completed

5. Arms: Connected the two arm pieces. Completed

Completed Images
Progress Images