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Kit: Ah! Nice kit, I really liked this kit. Along with the RGZ, this is one of my favorite MGs. Of course, it's only my fourth MG, so I can't really say I've compared it to many others. Kit was nice, next to no seam lines, and it builds nicely.

Painting: Very simple, preshading/color rise done on the kit. I don't really know which, because now I'm confused between the differences of color rise and pre-shading. So...whatever. Hopefully the effect is subtle and looks nice. I weathered the kit, but just a little, a few armor highlights, but thats it. Again, nothing special, I just wanted to practice my shading.

I'm not extremely proud of this, because I kind of rushed it. I just focused so much on my shading, I pretty much sped through panel lines and the dry transfers. I didn't print my own decals this time, because I was still fiddling with my ALPS and the white ink, so now that I've got it all figured out, it should be ready for my next kit. Which I'll post some In-progs later on.

Completed Images
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