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BonZi BuDDy546

Alrighty, I'm done with the Assault Shrowd. So, I just need to apply the finishing touches, prime and then I can begin the paint process. So, until the next update, enjoy the pics!
Okay, so things are going really slow. That's okay, I've been really busy doing sports and school and juggling all the other fun stuff. I haven't any time to work on artwork, but I still am working on my Duel. I've updated it, and it's about 75% done. Well, I'm trying my best to finish it! Also, I'm currently working on totally redoing my website. For now, I feel I should keep the same general color sheme. So, expect the new site to launch sometime around December. And expect me to get a REAL WEB SERVER sometime between December and June! WOOHOO! Until next time...enjoy!
In prog shots of my Duel. That's it for now.
I've been slow to update. But don't worry I'm still working on a kit. Just school and soccer has been making me busy. Well, quick update, I was lucky enough to have my airmaster tie for first place at Cyber Model Competition of August '03. Check it out.

Finished RX78 Ka. Finished it last week, but I've been too busy to post. So it's up now. Enjoy. Also, needed to take down Deathscythe because I ran out of space on Tripod. Oh well, it was crap anyway.

Finished my 1/100 Air Master Burst, so that's up and ready in the models section. Took down the in-prog L.E.D. Mirage because thats on hiatus until i decide to repaint. I also deleted some other minimal stuff to clear room for my website, because I'm borderline on how much space I have left now...
7/26/03 & 7/27/03
In prog shots of Air Master Burst.
Finished my MG Re-GZ...Other than that, I've been to lazy to scan any of my artwork. So, check out my new kit, while I sleep of something...

Well, much has happened in the past month. So, I've been quite busy. However, I took some time to draw a little, so maybe I'll post those soon. For now, I started a little project. Just a little miniature, nothing big. So, I guess I'll be starting to do some miniatures every once in a while. It's now up in the models section, called miniatures. Check it out.

Ah! Finally finished the Mk. II. This kit took me a lot longer then expected, mostly because the quality of the cast. So, I'm not gonna type much cuz my fingers are tired from coding. So here ya go.