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Kit: The MSZ -006A1 ZETA Plus was very complicated. The kit had so many different pieces, which made building it and modifying it a pain in the neck. It also took a long time to plan the kit properly so that I could airbrush it properly. The kit itself has a nice finish and a decent design. The kit is also a huge kit. It stands almost an inch above most other MG kits.

Painting: Painting the kit was relatively easy. With the exception of the head, there were no other parts that had to be made first and a pieces that had to cover that part. It's hard to explain, usually it would be the shoulder and the arm, but in this case, the shoulder was made as a separate piece than the arm. So the mechanics of the kit was designed greatly, with the exception of the skeleton under the legs, but that can't be helped.

Name: Since it was my own custom kit, I gave it my own name. I call it Zeta Cloud Custom because I couldn't think of anything else.

Modifications: I bought this kit because I like the base design of the Zeta Gundams. But I disliked details of the ZETA plus. For one, the shoulders were way too small in comparison to the rest of the kit. So I used some epoxy and reworked the shoulders. You can see that in the modifications image 4. I also disliked the head. So I completely reworked it. I got rid off the "V" shaped horns that come from the front of the head. I also took away from the top a little, reducing the size of its head. Then I also minimized its chin-like thing on his face. After that, the head was a lot smaller than before, in order to make the head still look proportional, I extended the neck. All the other modifications on the head was minimal. You can see the modifications in modifications image 2. I also modified the hands of the ZETA. I didn't like the whole square look so I modified it by each little finger. Other than that all the other modifications were very minimal. The only other major modification was the color. I extremely disliked the way the color looked on the kit, so I used a grayish blue and a light tan color instead. Keep in mind that after all this heavy modification, it can no longer turn into Wave Rider mode.
Modification Comparisan Images