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GAT-X102 Duel Gundam

Bandai - 1/144 HG Duel

Ideas/Plans: Basically, I want to mod the structure and the build of the Duel. I want it to look better, but not drift away from the actual anime accuracy (of course, it's not too accurate to start with). This is not an attempt to make it more anime accurate either, just make it look better to my own eyes. Here's what I have so far:

Chest/Torso: Here's where most of the work came in. I first reshaped the torso with poly putty(pic1), and then added styrene to get the basic shape (pic2). Afterwards, I applied more poly putty and finalized the shape. I had a bit of trouble getting the chest to fit onto the torso right, but with the help of petroleum jelly (vaseline) I was able to "mold" the poly putty to the chest, allowing me to snap that on and off anytime. Of course, that method is for epoxy putty, however, it ended up working in my case.
The chest was piece that sticks out right about the cockpit area was lengthened and strengtened a bit to match the torso. I used styrene sheet there to bulk it up a bit too. I also buffed up the neck a bit and made it taller, the stock neck was those rubber P's which didn't allow the head much room.

Shoulders/Arms: Well, the shoulder definetely needed some work. They looked so weak to me. So, I added some styrene sheet to the shoulder fin to help guide the poly putty I used to lengthen it. So, the fin was lengthened, then I used my X-acto to cut away at the shoulder into the shape I wanted it. Sanded it a bit, added some more poly putty, sanded it a bit more, and Wah-La! The shoulder. Then I just used epoxy putty to bulk up the side shoulder gaurd. Also, I did a bit of work on the hands. I modded the fist that holds the gun to look better (hopefully it looks better...). Then, I went and took off the open-palm hands from my GP03, and from there did a little scribing to replicate the Duel hands.

Legs/Crotch: Not too much work here...Basically I bulked up the knee cap a bit. I used epoxy putty there. Then I lengthened the upper leg. It just looked to stubby for me personally, so I decided to lengthen it by 2 mm. I always thought a flat hexagonal shape for a crotch looked to wierd, so I reshaped that entire area.
Head: I made some minor modifications to the head. It was a paing to work with since the face did not come as a seperate piece. I just shaped the face a bit with the knife. I also did some work on the visor, I angled it downward more to cover the eyes up a bit. Then, I also bulked up the weak-ass chin. Lastly, I carved out a bit out of the inside giving the head more rotation. Also, I fixed the way too tall "thingy" above the V-fin...whatever it's called.
Weaponry/Acessories: Well, the Duel doesn't come with much other than a gun and a shiled. But the shield looked pretty weak. Too short and stubby. Not much of a defined point. So I lengthened the shield with a combination of plastic sheet and polyester putty. Then I fixed the base up by using plastic sheet. Instead of going with the ovalish indented pattern on the back of the shield, I just used a scriber to scribe out the lines. I tried the other way, and it looked a bit wierd to me. Then, I used more plastic sheet and more polyester putty to lengthen the three points at the bottom of the shield. This was a pain because the points kept snapping! Arggh!
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