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GAT-X102 Duel Gundam Assault Shrowd

Bandai - 1/144 HG Duel

Ideas/Plans: Basically, I want to mod the structure and the build of the Duel. I want it to look better, but not drift away from the actual anime accuracy (of course, it's not too accurate to start with). This is not an attempt to make it more anime accurate either, just make it look better to my own eyes. Here's what I have so far:

Chest/Torso: I completely redid the chest armor. I used the original as a base. First, I just used my hand-saw to saw away what I could. I had an issue with it fitting onto the modified chest. So I had gotten rid of the central core/cockpit part, I cut styrene sheet and applied it over it. So, it's been buffed up quite a bit, and the shape is different as well.

Legs/Crotch: The crotch armor was redone. I backed it with styrene sheet, and then lengthened it from there. I also cut off the skirts and used small springs to allow some movement. As for the legs, I added some sheet to some part to make it stand out more. Then I cut off the ankle gaurd. I originally planned to used a spring there, but the space between the armor and the actual leg didn't allow to do so, and since I wouldn't need it to move anyway, I just reattached it at a different angle.

Weaponry/Acessories: The mounted shoulder cannon was WEAK. It doesn't look like it could harm a fly. So I tried buffin it up a bit. Though, you can't do much with it. So I may just scratch build a new shoulder cannon later on.
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